Tresorit Business Review a Secure File Sharing Service

Tresorit Business Review
If you’re looking fora truly secure file-sharing service, you won’t find a better or more affordable service. Tresorit Business Review a Secure File Sharing Service

Sharing files online can involve a certain element of risk. If that’s a worry for you, Tresorit is the answer: its cloud storage service uses end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your data can’t be intercepted in transit, nor stolen from Tresorit’s servers.

No encryption keys are held by the company itself, so only you can unlock your data. We tested the Tresorit Business plan, which costs £8 per user per month if you pay yearly. There’s a 14-day free trial, but payment details are taken in advance, so remember to cancel if you decide not to keep it.


  • Windows 7 upwards
  • macOS 10.9 upwards
  • iOS8 upwards
  • Android 4 upwards
  • Windows Phone 8 upwards

The Business plan includes: 1TB of encrypted cloud storage per user, and gets you all the expected features including deleted file restoration and unlimited file version recovery.

There’s also Active Directory support, password recovery, custom portal branding and remote wipe for stolen or lost mobile devices.

Deployment took us a matter of minutes: we used the administrative cloud portal to send each user an email invitation containing a download link for the Tresorit desktop app.

After installing this, they simply had to provide their name and create a password and they were ready to roll.

The desktop app creates a personal “Tresor” – jargon for a secure, encrypted folder – for each user, but they can create as many additional Tresors as they wish.

  • Note that when you create a new Tresor, it starts with file syncing turned off, but this can be enabled with one click.

The desktop app is also the gateway to accessing your files, letting us view the contents of all our personal Tresors and upload, move and delete individual files.

The app also assigns a local drive letter to your Tresors, for easy access via Windows Explorer, and each user gets their own web portal for remote access. Sharing Tresors and files is easy: just select the option and choose which team members to invite.

As soon as they accept, they’ll gain the specified access to your Tresor. You can decide whether they’re allowed to edit files or merely view them. One feature we particularly like is Tresorit’s Outlook plugin.

This lets you select a file or folder to “attach” to an email; the data is then encrypted, uploaded and made available via a secure link in the message body.

You can optionally set a link expiration date, decide how many times it can be opened and password-protect it. You will never have to send an unencrypted attachment again.

The whole thing’s managed from the Admin Center portal, which opens with a dashboard showing a summary of users, storage usage and devices, along with graphs of top users and platforms.

There’s an activity chart too, although this is rather basic, showing only invitations, acceptances plus policy creations and updates. As you would expect from such a security-focused service, there’s a good range of security settings to pick from.

You can enforce two-step verification, control which devices are permitted to access the service and block access from specific locations.

You can also decide whether users can create file links, set session length limits, stop browsers from storing login credentials and disable specific personal Tresors.

The one area where Tresorit is lacking is collaboration: there’s no equivalent to Dropbox’s Paper or Badge features, for example. Then again, that’s probably an unavoidable side-effect of its secure design.


If you are decided to move your file server to cloud then, Tresorit Business is best choice with best of security features.

With easy deployment and well-designed desktop and online apps, Tresorit is sure to appeal to any business that handles a lot of sensitive information – and the price is affordable, too.

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