How to Keep your WhatsApp web chats private

How to Keep your WhatsApp web chats private

How to Keep your WhatsApp web chats private?

Everytime when you login to Whats app Web and if you have your office colleague or friends of maybe parents around you will get little uncomfortable.

You can hide chats or names and group names in your whatsapp web.

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Despite its connection to the data-guzzling, privacy-trampling Facebook, WhatsApp continues to dominate the messenger market. But while it’s relatively easy to hide your messages on your phone (a quick tilt of the screen should suffice), it’s not so straightforward when you’re checking WhatsApp on the web.

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That’s where Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web comes in.

This Firefox add-on (Link) automatically blurs out every conversation, including message previews and user statuses, on the big screen.

  • Firefox Add-on: Link
  • Google Chrome Extension: Link

The only way to reveal the contents is to hover your cursor over each message. The browser tool also keeps the message you’re writing slightly more private by changing the text to a less easily snoopable faded grey.

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If you download the Chrome version (Link), you’ll also be able to change which on-screen element the extension blurs with a click of the icon.


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