Happy Holi 2019 Wishing Script For Blogger


hello, and welcome readers first of all I would like to wish you a Happy Holi this year.

in this article we are going to see how to create a Happy Holi 2019 wishing script and what are the changes you have to made in the script in order to work it for you

first of all if you haven’t seen the video on Happy Holi wishing script 2019 you to go first and see the video the link is here: Video Link

the first and important thing to do is download the script you can download the script easily using the following link

Download Script: Link

after downloading the wishing script you will need to edit it.

if you are using a desktop or laptop I recommend you to use Notepad++ text editor in order  to easily find and understand what are the changes have to be made in the holi wishing script 2019

and if you are  editing the script on mobile devices then I recommend you to download the Notepad++ For Android from the Google Play Store.

Notepad++ Text Editor: Link

Notepad++ Text Editor For Android: Link

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Adding Ad Codes:

By opening the script the first changes you have to made is to add the advertisement code. 

you are free to add any ad networks  good in the script just go to the line numbers 400, 435, and 455 and add your own ad code.

Adding Blog Links:

after setting up the advertisement the next thing you have to change which is very important for your Happy Holi wishing script 2019 in order to work is to add your own website or blog link. 

whenever the user Clicks on the share button the script will be successfully shared to the another user. 

To add your own blog link just go to the line numbers 16, 462, and 479 and paste your blog link on the mentioned text.

these are the two main and major changes that you have to be done in order to edit the Happy Holi wishing script 2019.

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now if you want to change the images and text used in the script you are free to make any changes to the script.

just find the text area and images used in the script and add your own image link and for the text erase the predefined text and add your own text.

now it’s time to install the script into the blogger now we are going to see how we can add the script in the blogger.

just follow the following steps in order to update your Holi wishing script into blogger:

To add a script in blogger you will need to create a new blog. after creating the blog just follow the next steps:

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#1 Create a new blog and go to the Theme section. select Simple classic template

happy holi wishing script for blogger

#2 Click on Apply to Blog Button in order to apply the classic template to your blog.

happy holi wishing script for blogger

#3  After applying template click on the settings icon and choose show desktop theme on mobile devices option. click on the save button.

happy holi wishing script for blogger


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#4 Finally scroll at the end of the page and you’ll see Revert to classic theme drop-down. clicking on that option select Revert to classic to theme link.

After that you will be introduced to a new page where you can add your script code.

erase all the template code and paste your Happy holi wishing script code.

and at last at the, click on Navbar section and select Off option which is last option.

happy holi wishing script for blogger

Yes, you are done now just click on Save Button and see the blog to view the Holi Wishing Script!

I hope you like this article in if you have any difficulties or question regarding this you can always comment below and don’t forget to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel. (online stuff youtube channel)

and watch the video of Happy Holi wishing script 2019 for Bloggers where you can find all the steps into the detail, how to edit the script, and how to update it into the blogger.

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