Google launches cloud-gaming service Stadia

Google Statia Review

Google launches cloud-gaming service Stadia. Web based Gaming Platform – Google Statia Review.

What happened? 

Google has announced plans to launch a web based gaming platform called Stadia (, which will let you stream games to Pixel devices, Chromecasts and the Chrome browser.

Rather than buy games at a shop or download them, you’ll be able to stream and play them over an internet connection, similar to watching TV shows and films on Netflix.

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How will it affect you? 

If your broadband connection and Wi-Fi are strong enough, Stadia will let you play games intstantly.

Google said 4K games at 60 fps will need 30 Mbps bandwidth, but lower resolutions will require less robust connections, and work below 25Mbps.

You won’t need to buy any new hardware, although Google is offering a Stadia Controller that connects to your Chromecast-controlled TV, Pixel smartphone or other Google device.

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Google said Stadia will arrive this year, and is promising to disclose more details this summer, but it hasn’t yet revealed which games will be available at launch and how much the service will cost.


This idea will appeal to gaming fanatics and casua players alike.

The former will be able to watch their favourite “pro” players on YouTube and join in their games with the click of a button, Google said.

If you’re more laid back about gaming, you’ll be able to play with friends without investing in a console.

Although Stadia is similar to Netflix in terms of streaming, games and videos are different beasts because films and TV shows don’t require your interaction, whereas games do.

The gap between a gaming move and it being registered is called latency, and if Google doesn’t manage to get that quite right, or internet connections struggle to keep up, players will find themselves frustrated by pauses and delays between what their thumbs are instructing their character to do and what’s played out in the game.

We’ll have to wait to see if Google gets this aspect of streaming right.

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