Get More Out Of Google Drive : Google Drive Secrets

Get More Out Of Google Drive

Get More Out Of Google Drive : Google Drive Secrets

It’s fair to say that we are fans of Google’s online productivity tools.

This feature was written in Google Docs, and much of the copy that appears in print has been shared using Google Drive.

So over the years, we’ve gathered more than our fair share of tips for getting the most out of the online office suite: here, we shares the best of them.

Get More Out Of Google Drive

Backup everything 

The point of Drive is that your files live in the cloud.

but if you want to make a local copy, there are several ways to download your files, including using the “Download as…” option on each app’s File menu, and right-clicking individual files in Drive and picking Download.

Google Drive Secrets

If you need to download copies of all the documents in your Drive account –

perhaps as a backup, or because you want to delete the originals to free up space –

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return to the top level of your drive, click the uppermost file or folder, then shift click the entry at the bottom of the list, rightclick and pick Download.

Drive will convert your Docs, Sheets and Slides files into Office-compatible versions, and compress them into a ZIP for bulk download.

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Do more with extensions

 It’s not just web browsers that can be expanded with extensions.

In one of the Drive apps, open the Add-ons menu and select “Get add-ons” and you’ll find a large number of functionality-exending plugins.

If you find the full range overwhelming, click the All… dropdown at the top of the Add-ons dialogue to narrow down the list to specific categories.

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You can also connect Google Drive applications to smart home appliances and phone apps using IFTTT.

There’s a huge number of things you can do; for example, you’ll find pre-written applets that store details about phone calls in a Google Sheet, or track the number of hours you’ve worked.

Other services like Google Calendar and Assistant can come into play too. Get started at

Google drive secrets

Stop clicking 

Moving your hands from keyboard to mouse and back again breaks your flow and hurts your productivity –

so it’s well worth getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts.

The Drive apps all support a wide range of shortcuts: press Ctrl+/ at any time to call up an overlay detailing what’s available.

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Take risks, safely 

Sometimes in business – as in life – the greatest successes are born of audacity.

So why not completely reorganise that spreadsheet and try looking at the data in a different way?

Google Drive and all its associated apps have version control tools built in, so you can easily wind things back if your big ideas don’t pan out.

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Just click on any file in the Google Drive view and select “Version history” to browse and recover older versions.

To make it easier to identify the point at which you started making big changes, click File and pick “Name current version” from the “Version history” flyout before you make your edits.

If you later repent of your boldness, you’ll immediately be able to see which version you want to recover.

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