Best Gadgets & Technology of CES 2019

Best Gadgets & Technology of CES 2019

At the CES 2019 (consumer electronics show) various big brands showcase their technology. here we gathered some awsome gadgets and technology which are the Best Gadgets & Technology of CES 2019.



Why are they interesting?

It’s said that the robot revolution could eventually destroy humans, but at least three of Samsung’s four newly unveiled machines appear to be on our side.

Bot Care aims to monitor the health of elderly people in their homes –detecting falls, encouraging exercise and measuring heart rate,respiration, blood pressureand sleep.

The Bot Air maylook like a bin but it will monitor the environment and purify the air, while Samsung GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating System) is an exoskeleton for the hips, knees and ankles that aids mobility.

Bot Retail is perhaps the only worry in the robots vs humans stakes because it has the potential to replace shop assistants and waiting staff: orders can be placed on its touch screen, with items made available via shelves on its back.

When are they out?

All the bots areearly prototypes so they won’t be available forawhile yet.

How much will they cost?

Given that the bots arestill at an early stage, no pricing information is available yet.

Do I really need them?

If you need constant monitoring, then Bot Care could give you greater independence, and GEMS will help if you’re recovering from an accident. Bot Air could ease respiratory problems and Bot Retail could speed up the processofordering stuff on the high street.

2. Royle flexible keyword


Why is it interesting?

Following the November launch of the FlexPai –a foldable 7.8in AMOLED-screen phone that can be bent in two and converted into a tablet – Chinese startup Royole also showcased aflexible Bluetooth keyboard at this year’s CES.

Transparent and thin, it’s laid on aflat surface and rolls back into a tube at the touch of abutton.

How much will it cost?

There’s now or donthe priceasyet.

When’s it out?

Royole says it intends to launch the keyboard this summer.

Do I really need one?

If you enjoy the convenience of a full Qwerty keyboard but don’t like the hassle of carting one around, then yes–although this model isn’t the most comfortable thing to use.


Why is it interesting?
Wake up and smell the coffee! This updated version of the humble teasmade wakes you up with its builtin alarm and serves you nice up of joe once you stir from your slumber.
British-made, it’s inspired by Scandinavian design and looks similar to avinyl record player. It also makes tea.
When’s it out?
You can buy it right now in stylish black or white.
How much will it cost?
Ast aggering £345 ($444), which is enough to wake you up by itself.
Do I really need one?
If you love your morning coffee (ortea), Barisieur beats nipping to the kitchen to put the kettle on.



Why is it interesting?
Arethe days of TVs dominating the living room – even when they’renot in use – coming to an end? LG’s latest 65in offering is the world’s first rollable OLED television, which you can unfurl when you’re ready to settle down to watch show and pack away after the credits roll.
The massive telly includes Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, supports Apple AirPlay2 (which allows videos to be played direct from Apple devices) and can be partially unrolled if all you want is to display the time,weather and photos.
When’s it out?
LG says the television will be rolled out (pun intended) later this year, although we’re not sure it will reach the UK.
How much will it cost?
No price details were forth coming, but you’re unlikely to get much change from £8,000 ($1,305).
Do I really need one?
If your current TV takes up too much space, and youhave afat wallet, then it’s worth considering. Alternatively, you could check out one of the 8K TVs exhibited at CES: Sony showed off its 85in and 98in sets and, although 8K shows and movies are thin on the ground right now, both will upscale 4K content.


Why is it interesting?
Created in partnership with Microsoft and designed to be used while sitting on the sofa, this wireless keyboard and mouse brings PC control to the Xbox One.
Its metal base uses magnets to stop the mouse falling off are tractable mat, and it makes for more accurate gaming when used with supported titles. The colour of individual keys can be customised thanks to Chroma RGB lighting and there’s a dedicated Xbox key replacing the Windows one,which sends you straight to the main menu.
When’s it out?
You can preorder the Razer Turret right now and it looks set to be available before the end of March.
How much will it cost?
A gasp-worthy £249($321) –not far off the price of the console itself!
Do I really need one?
If you’re a hardcore gamer and enjoy playing the likes of Gears of War5, Children of Morta and Fortnite, you may prefer this keyboard-mouse combo to a controller.


Why is it interesting?

These spectacles may not look ultra stylish, but the ycan be worn comfortably form any hours, weigh just 85g and, crucially, offer augmented reality, which means images and video are overlaid on the real world. They are also rather technologically advanced, with a 1080p display for each eye, a 52-degree field of view, head-tracking sensors and a small, separateunit dubbed ‘Toast’. This packs in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, runs a customised version of Android and provides the necessary power. Created in China by an engineer who used to work for

Magic Leap –a US startup making its own head-mounted virtual-retinal display–the Nreal Light specs are compatible with smartphones and let the wearer watch videos, play games and engage in meetings.
When’s it out?
Nreal Light is due to be released later this year.
How much will it cost?
Nreal Light is likely to set you back around $1,000 (£779). For that you’ll get the glasses, box and controller.
Do I really need one?
Perhaps not yet: we’ve seen a few stabs at this kind of tech –from Microsoft’s Holo Lens and Google Glass to Magic Leap One and Snapchat Spectacles –so it’s may be a little shortsighted to plunge in right now.



Why is it interesting?
Having changed the way we listened to music by introducing the Walkman in 1979, Sony now wants to go further by replicating the experience of listening to live music.
360 Reality Audio removes the need for multiple speakers by mapping vocals, chorus, instruments and effects at suitable distances and angles, before beaming them from asingle source to immerse you in sound from all directions. This object-based spatial audio technology also works with headphones.
When’s it out?
Sony is working on the new audio format, which it says will support speakers that can project sound in all directions, while developing an app to use in conjunction with the headphones, measuring the hearing characteristics of the user’s ear so it can optimise the sound to suit.
It’s also signing up music labels and streaming services including Deezer, Tidal, and Qobuz to offer the format, which will be compliant with the open audio standard MPEG-H 3D Audio.
How much will it cost?
The idea is that 360 Reality Audio will be offered on premium plans by music-streaming services. As an example, Deezer Premium costs £9.99 (approx $13) per month.
Do I really need it?
Most of uswant to enjoy our tunes in the best way possible, so this latest development is music to our ears.


These are some Best Gadgets & Technology of CES 2019. for sure there are also other amazing gadgets and technology available but, we found this very impressive.

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