Best Free Apps of March 2019

Best Free Apps of March 2019

In this section we review some best free apps from Google play store in different categories. Here is the list of Best Free Apps of March 2019.

Android Tools Category

Bottom Quick settings

Ever get annoyed with the way Android’s pull-down quick-settings panel requires two hands to access?

If so, this clever little app may offer the solution. As its name suggests, Bottom Quick Settings places a panel with all the shortcuts and buttons from Android’s settings panel at the bottom of the screen rather than the top.

thus emulating (or outright stealing, if you like) the iOS way of doing things (on iPhone models that still have a Home button, at least).

With Bottom Quick Settings, you can access your device’s most essential settings by sliding the control panel up from the bottom of the screen single-handedly, with an easy flick of the thumb.

It’s arguably a preferable way to access these important Tools and feels very natural, especially if you’ve switched to using Android from an iOS device.

Better still, you can also customise how the panel looks and works, to a lesser or greater degree, depending on whether you’re using the free or paid-for version.

The Bottom Quick Settings Panel contains handy shortcuts for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more, as well as controls for brightness, volume and other adjustments.

The free version lets you add or remove various sliders–for volume and screen brightness, for example –and also customise the way the panel itself works.

If you pay £2.39 for the Premium version, you can unlock the ability to choose and organise the panel’s shortcuts and add any web link or app.

Bottom Quick Settings has recently been updated and now offers new volume control options, as well as a dark theme and a new widget. A dedicated VPN tile had also been added.

Social Media Category

Instagram Updated

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+

The latest version of the Facebook-owned social media app introduces a useful new feature that’s borrowed from (the also Facebook-owned) WhatsApp, which lets you record and send direct voice messages.

While in a thread, tap and hold the microphone button (to the right of the message box at the bottom of the screen) and dictate your message, then release the button to send.

The update, available now on iOS and Android, also includes the ability to curate a Close Friends list and makes a number of accessibility tweaks.

Security Category


If you keep any files of a sensitive nature stored on your Android device, which you’d rather nobody else ever stumbled upon, then Cover could help.

The idea is that it scans your phone or tablet for NSFW (not safe for work)-type photos and videos, identifying them using machine learning.

It then safely tucks the embarrassing or incriminating images away in a password-protected gallery.

Cover is an appealing enough concept, but scanning can take ages and the app would be a lot more useful if it expanded its remit to include other types of private files, such as bank details.


Star trek fleet command

Unknown app
Unknown app
Developer: Unknown
Price: To be announced

Boldly going where no massively multiplayer online strategy gamer has gone before, Star Trek Fleet Command puts you in charge of a star base.

from where you can explore, forge alliances with alien races, upgrade your base, build classic starships and interact with characters from the franchise.

The game is free to play, and the in-app purchases are thankfully optional.

Photo Editing Category (iPhone)


We can’t always look our best in every photo, but Lensa’s app–from the same developer as Prisma –tackles this by applying an auto retouch filter to every selfie or portrait you take.

You can also retouch manually, removing imperfections, blurring backgrounds or adding definition to eyes and brows in a single swipe, via easy-to-use sliders.

Crucially, the effects are relatively subtle and natural looking–not obviously fake or heavily filtered.

You can also adjust contrast, exposure and other settings. The main features are free, but advanced options, such as Background editing, require a £4.49 per month Premium subscription.

Tools Category


Developer: Storysign
Price: Free

This brilliant app translates children’s books into sign language to help young people with deafness or hearing impairments learn how to read.

The app is intended for use in conjunction with a physical copy of a book. As you read, cartoon character Star (designed by none other than Aardman Animations) signs the words.

Currently, there’s only one book available –Eric Hill’s Where’s Spot –but more are coming soon. StorySign works in10 different sign languages, including British Sign Language (BSL).

The app was developed specifically for Huawei devices, but it’s compatible with models from most other Android manufacturers.

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