Apple Music launches on the web

Apple Music

Apple Music launches on the web. Apple recently launched a public beta version of its music streaming service on the web, which will be available to all Apple Music subscribers worldwide. and the main thing non apple users can also subscribe to this service

What’s the Story?

Forget installing bloated iTunes software or the Apple Music app – a new web interface for the streaming service means you can play your favourite tracks directly in your web browser. If you already use Apple Music, the website will look familiar because it’s structured in a similar way to the app.

The web version of Apple Music is available at and as its URL suggests, it remains in beta, so some features are currently missing. While you can access the full streaming music catalogue, some Apple-only content such as certain music videos and the Beats 1 radio station aren’t yet available.

Such features are expected to arrive eventually, though it’s not clear when the web version of Apple Music will come out of beta.

How will it affect you?

Apple Music isn’t limited to iPhone and iPad users – it’s already available as an Android app, too. Now, you can listen to the service even if you’r not using  mobile device.

although fo the time being you’ll stil need to register via an app so ask a friend for help if you don’t have a smartphone If you’re already subscriber, you’ll now be able to play your tunes on your ipad or laptop of choice, rathe than be limited to you smartphone. Apple Music costs £9.99 (around $11, INR around Rs.800) a month for a single subscription, or £14.99 (around $17, INR around Rs.1200) for a family deal with support for six people.

What do we think?

One of the great things about the web and browsers is that they’re interoperable: websites can be read on a Mac or a Windows laptop, on an Android phone or an iPhone, and everything in between.

Rather than locking down the streaming service, Apple is opening it up for anyone to use, which isn’t the way the company normally operates but is a welcome development. Handily, it also brings Apple Music in line with its biggest rival, Spotify, which also has a web version.

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